Pazzi Di Pizza

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How Pazzi di Pizza Became A Reality

It is a story about childhood friends who met in America and had many things in common being Italian was one. Growing up together was very interesting, coming from different regions of Italy there was a constant competition among each other especially when it came down to food. Being Italian and around the kitchen cooking food was a natural thing for us. As we became older and had each other over for dinner there was always a challenge to outdo one another but at the end, we really enjoyed each other’s cooking. For many years we always talked about opening a different kind of restaurant in which we would give the public Italian dishes which came from different parts of Italy. Finally that day came May 18, 2011 we opened our doors and since one of our specialty was pizza we decided to name our place Pazzi Di Pizza which means Crazy For Pizza.

Weekly Specials

Baked Clams

FFresh Baked Clams breaded with Parmigianio Reggiano Cheese, Parsley and Garlic

1/2 Dozen 9.95      1 Dozen 18.95

Blue Point Oysters

Fresh Blue Point Imported Oysters, choice of Raw or Rocketfeller

1/2 Dozen 12.95         1 Dozen 24.95

Risotto di Treviso

Arborio Rice with Shrimp and Asparagus in an E.V.O.O Sauce topped with Steamed Crab Legs


Ravioli di Casa

Ravioli filled with Ricotta Cheese & Spinach prepared in a Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce


Lasagna Classica

Layered Flat Pasta with Imported Ricotta Cheese topped with Mozzarella Cheese and baked in a Zesty Marinara Sauce


Pork Chop Vesuvio

8oz Pork Chop served Vesuvio Style with Roasted Potatoes and Sauteed Asparagus


Insalata del Giorno

Romaine lettuce with sugar snap peas & dried cherries tossed in a Pecan dressing topped with crumbled Feta Cheese


Salmone Griglata

Fresh Wild-Catch Salmon grilled with an E.V.O.O and Lemon drizzled with a Balsamic Reduction. Served with Roasted Potatoes and Sauteed Asparagus


Our Hours

Mon – Tues: 4pm to 10pm

Wed – Thurs: 11am to 10pm

Fri – Sat: 11am to 10pm

Sunday: 3pm to 9pm


(630) 279-2323


105 South York Street | Elmhurst, IL 60126